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Discover more about Swaine London's new products and heritage history.

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Herbert Johnson - a hatter, not a milliner

While a milliner creates decorative headwear with the intent to embellish and adorn, a hatter creates headwear that serves a purpose. At Herbert Johnson, we specialise in the latter.   


Singin' in the Rain

The master-craftsmen at Swaine created a two-piece "Brigg" Umbrella, with a whangee bamboo crook handle and a canopy covered in black silk, for one of cinema's best musical dance scenes of all time.

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Indiana Jones

Swaine's very own distinguished historic hatters, Herbert Johnson, created the hat of one of popular cinema's most enduring iconic heroes.

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The Kingsman Triology

Swaine is the original producer of The Kingsman "Brigg" Umbrella; a polished chestnut, with a black nylon covered canopy and gold plated 'K' collar.

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From Russia With Love

Swaine is famous for making bespoke luggage for Aston Martin owners, so of course, the company was more than obliging in producing 007's case too.

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