Since 1750 the brand and factory have been passed down through sons and nephews for generations.


In 1798, after agreeing to take over the Royal Whip-Makers of Mr. John Ross, Messrs. James Swaine and Benjamin Slocock had big shoes to fill. Mr. Ross had already secured a long-standing relationship with the entire Royal Family and most of St. James’s traders.

However, Mr. Swaine was well trained and could not have had a better introduction to the trade than at Benjamin Griffith’s Whip Manufacturers at No. 322 Holborn. Both Swaine & Slocock and life-long friends thrived and quickly set about securing their legacies for the next generation to inherit after them.


Over the years, Swaine has continued to diversify while maintaining unparalleled service at home and abroad. Introducing new ranges of diverse and indispensable requisites to a worldwide Clientele proved so successful that soon the company purchased other equally decorated and like-minded companies—Thomas Brigg & Sons in 1943 and Herbert Johnson in 1996, to name two of at least six.

Swaine today continues to retain and uphold its traditional values and beliefs while maintaining relevance to the times and embracing the 21st Century world of luxury. Until the 1940's when Swaine was able to offer its customers the complete gentleman's wardrobe of hats, umbrellas, briefcases and many other products of unrivalled quality by joining forces with Adeney in 1848 and Thomas Brigg & Sons in 1943.


As one of the most royally decorated companies in the world, Swaine has discreetly provided goods and services to the world’s elite since the 1760s.

The company has an established reputation for delivering everything from gloves and headwear for all occasions, attachés and document cases for matters of state, to the all-important luggage for international tours, parasols, and of course, signature silk-covered “Brigg” umbrellas.

Whatever the weather may bring, Swaine remains on hand and happy to be of service to all its Clients and is one of few to offer a world-renowned aftercare service for its products, no matter how old.


Swaine is not shy of hiding in plain sight on the biggest of stages. The 20th Century brought with it an evolutionary leap in the art of storytelling. Cinema inevitably became a valued client of Swaine and remains as such today.

Whether a fan of Singin’ in the Rain, Mary Poppins, Indiana Jones, Agent 007 or The King’s Man; chances are, even if you're new to the brand itself, you'll have seen it on the big screen.

a historical anthology

Luxuries Handmade to Last

Founded in London in the 18th century, Swaine can now proudly present a collection of piece histories handpicked from its archives and longstanding clients for the first time.

Luxuries Handmade to Last is an anthology of client stories illustrated by examples of all sorts of luxury goods. Updated regularly, it is curated and written by Mr. Jos. P. Martin.

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