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Ensure many years of service by looking after your Brigg Umbrella.

Looking After your Brigg Umbrella

Never roll your Brigg Umbrella when the material is wet. Instead, shake off surplus water by moving the runner vigorously up and down the stick. Never shake the umbrella by ‘twirling’ it in a circular motion as this will damage the frame. Ensure it dries completely by allowing it to stand open on the floor.Always store your Brigg Umbrella with the material loose, without the band secured around it. Should the cover become soiled, sponge with tepid water mixed with a very mild detergent. Never attempt to clean with a spirit, or a cleaning fluid, as this will damage the proofing in the material.

Proper Rolling Technique

Raise the umbrella, allowing the folds of the material to fall free. With your other hand, hold the centre crease of each panel, and with a gentle tug, release any material that may be held between the ribs. Fold the material over to the left, ensuring that each fold is parallel and equidistant from the preceding one. Now grasp the umbrella at the point where the tips are furled, use a circular motion and gently roll the umbrella from the top to obtain a tighter roll. Secure band.

Aftercare and Restoration

Should your Brigg Umbrella or Walking Stick require any restorative work fret not; Brigg's unwavering love for both the manufacture and maintenance of rain shields and sunshades is ready to accommodate.