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Choosing Your Brigg Solid Wood

The Brigg solids collection is more than an assortment of finely crafted umbrellas.
it is a selection of narratives that resonate with the virtues of the gentleman who chooses them.

Oak - The Defender

The oldest arboreal wood in the Brigg collection, oak symbolises the protection of liberties and freedoms throughout history. 

Serving as a sanctuary for monarchs in peril and a foundation for homes and hearths, its resilience was demonstrated as the English fleet, constructed from oak, withstood tempests and the Armada to defend our shores. 

The oak's willingness to sacrifice a limb for the whole embodies a noble spirit, making its beautiful, feathered wood ideal for a central family figurehead, steadfastly supporting those who devote themselves to the greater good.

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Hickory - The Stoic

Hickory grows stronger over time, its structure evolving to resist the fiercest storms and tempests.

This patient, uncomplaining tree, which bends and bows in adversity yet remains steadfast, is marked by a speckled wood with distinguished markings.

It reminds its owner of their inner strength and unwavering nobility, symbolising resilience and steadfastness.

Discover the Hickory Collection

Maple - The Graceful

As the most flexible and adaptable tree, the maple exhibits strength and endurance with style.

It stands out elegantly within any landscape adapting to seasonal changes with striking colours.

Prized for the sweet sap at its heart, the maple's warm, honey-toned wood is smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye, serving as a reminder that strength and beauty are adaptable and ever-evolving.

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Cherry - The Devoted

The cherry tree, temporal and deeply rooted in lore, symbolizes the duality of life and death, and the beauty and violence inherent in nature.

Its connection to the cycle of life is inextricable, from the pure and abundant cherry blossom representing eternal maternal love to the rich fruit symbolizing the promise of life bestowed by a mother.

The wood, fine and straight-grained, is as deep-rooted and earthly as our own origins, reminding us that life is fleeting and should be lived with selfless, unquestionable love.

Discover the Cherry Collection

Chestnut - The Provider

Fast-growing, straight-grained, and rot-resistant, chestnut was planted by Alexander the Great and the Roman army as a staple food source.

These stoic trees, capable of living for up to 2000 years, are a reliable source of nourishment and stability, even in troubled times.

The wood, ranging from honey to dark chocolate, is prized for its character strength. Its lower density and sizable heartwood offer resistance to adversity, reminding us to provide stability and kindness.

Discover the Chestnut Collection

Whangee - The Resourceful

Formed from indigenous palms of southern and eastern Asia whangee bamboo is steamed and fashioned into crooks, then added to a maple wood shaft.

Comfortable to grip, resistant to moisture, & bacteria, these materials are prolific and indestructible, embodying the resilience to regenerate and thrive.

Their heritage ties to British and Southeast Asian servicemen, evolving into symbols of sartorial elegance and fundamental English aspirations within the fashion world, hinting at service, resolve, integrity, and honour.

Discovert the Whangee & Malacca collection

Malacca - the exotic

Malacca canes first appeared in about 1650, when the wood was brought back to Britain as an exotic item from the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia. Malacca wood is taken from one species of rattan palm native to the coast of Sumatra. Like the whangee it is steamed and fashioned into crooks, then added to a maple wood shaft.

With its long, slender stems malacca was considered perfect for making walking sticks and canes. It is very lightweight and strong with a satin-like bark that has a natural gloss.

Each piece is a reflection of character, history, and the unwavering resolve that defines true elegance and nobility.