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Article: Personalise Your Heritage Piece

Personalise Your Heritage Piece

umbrella engraving

Personalised bags, umbrellas, and leather goods add to the uniqueness of your accessories while celebrating the history and tradition of British craftsmanship. The House of Swaine leather accessories are handcrafted by our expert craftsmen in our London workshop. Our focus on British craftsmanship and sustainable leather accessory creation enables us to ensure quality and distinction in every piece.

Every Swaine piece is crafted by our expert craftspeople who have studied and perfected the art of leather accessory design and creation. These individuals give Swaine its ongoing legacy as a beloved British artisanal leather brand. We’re able to further contribute to the uniqueness of our one of a kind leather pieces through personalisation. Personalised bags and embossed leather goods provide you with an exclusive, custom Swaine piece with your story and identity at the heart of its legacy.

Umbrella with monogram

The House of Swaine remains one of the most decorated umbrella manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom. Dating back to the 19th century, our Brigg umbrellas have long been cherished everyday accessories and symbols of ornate British craftsmanship. Today, they’re among our best known and most iconic pieces.

Every umbrella is crafted in-house at our London workshop and can be decorated with a personal monogram. Adding a monogram to your umbrella allows you to add another artisanal touch to the piece while making it distinct to you and truly yours. You might choose to give an umbrella with a monogram to a dear friend or family member. Not only would this be a distinctive and personal gift, but it would also mean honouring the legacies and intricacies of British craftsmanship on this special occasion.

Perhaps you may gift them an umbrella with a monogram to celebrate an achievement or event. Or maybe you’d simply like to give something personalised that will live with them and be passed on to their future generations. Either way, it’s sure to be an appreciated and enduring gift.

embossing options

Hats with monogram

The House of Swaine is the home to the famous Herbert Johnson brand. This iconic hat brand is defined by its rich history and timeless character – worn and adored still today, not many accessories attain the legacy and relevance of the Herbert Johnson. To further enhance the character and grandeur of these exclusive legacy pieces, you can invest in a hat with a monogram.  A well-adorned hat becomes a treasured accessory and a trusted companion. For many of The Houses clienteel, no outfit is complete without this esteemed accessory.

We understand how personal your relationship with your Herbert Johnson can be, which is why we want to attend to this relationship with the option of making your hat bespoke. You can add a personalised monogram to your Herbert Johnson, elevating the appearance and contributing to the craftsmanship of your piece.

MTO Bags with monogram

The House offers made-to-order services for those seeking bespoke pieces such as personalised bags and accessories. Our made to order leather goods enable you to customise pieces and tailor them to your tastes.

Our highly skilled craftsmen are experts in the art of leather goods and accessory design and creation. With their guidance, you’ll be able to bring to life the completely custom accessory you’ve longed for. The House’s made-to-order pieces attain the same quality and history of the brand while providing you with a nonpareil accessory. You can further the individuality of this piece by adding a monogram and establishing this work of art and craftsmanship as your own.

Through our dedication to at-home, British craftsmanship and maintaining the highest standards in our processes and workshops, we’re able to provide you with tailored and personalised pieces.  While The House has been long established at the helm of British leather goods, its legacy continues to develop in modern day. Through our monograms and made-to-order options, you’re able to become part of Swaine’s history and contribute to our ongoing legacy.

If you wish to visit our artisans at our New Bond Street workshop or enquire about custom engravings, email or visit our website for hat embossing and product engraving.

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