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Article: Meet the Artist: Alexis Bruchon

Meet the Artist: Alexis Bruchon

At Swaine we have worked with a talented illustrator to make our rich history come to life. Alexis Bruchon is a French illustrator from Clermont-Ferrand, surrounding volcanoes where he draws his inspiration. 

Alexis Bucheron's Background

A self-taught illustrator, he studied Art History and Graphic Design in Lyon. His love of drawing ranges from Art Deco to Japonism, Gothic, Arabic and Mid-Century. 

His artwork emerges as dreams or reinterpretations of our reality within a floating, dreamlike realm. Using minimalist tools—Indian ink and watercolor—he crafts his imaginative visions. 

In the UK, Alexis' artwork has graced the pages of House & Garden magazine for several years, where he illustrates a monthly column. Additionally, his solo exhibition "Nomad" was showcased at the Philippe and Labaune Gallery in New York earlier this year.

Furthermore, Alexis harbors a deep passion for cinema and has helmed two feature films: "The Woman With Leopard Shoes" and "The Eyes Below." Both movies premiered at prestigious events in London, including the Raindance Film Festival and Frightfest. 

On Working with Swaine

"Working for Swaine has been an illustrator’s dream, especially for an illustrator who works ‘traditionally’ by hand! I have total passion for artistic craftsmanship and seeing the products made with such care by Swaine’s workshops reinforces my idea that the handwork is at the centre of all creation."

"There is an almost carnal aspect to working with leather, fabric and wood... an aspect that we, illustrators, find when we pass our hand over the paper or when we create our colours directly from the palette. I also love Swaines mix of tradition and innovation: exhibiting both Victorian influences and 20th Century Design without ignoring the contemporary. I don’t claim the same perfection but my desire is exactly the same for my drawings."


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