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Article: From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love


The iconic James Bond Attaché case or briefcase from the adaptation of 'From Russia With Love'. Swaine is famous for making bespoke luggage for Aston Martin owners, so of course, then Swaine Adeney Brigg & Sons were more than obliging in producing 007's case too. One of Bond's most memorable weapons was the black leather briefcase issued to him by Q in "From Russia with Love".

Within its distinctive red skivered leather lining, the attaché case hid 20 rounds of ammunition and gold coins, plus the flat throwing knives used to dispatch villain Red Grant aboard the Orient Express. The case also usefully hid a 0.25 calibre AR7 folding rifle with infrared sight. (Used by Bond to shoot down the Spectre helicopter pilot who was dropping grenades on him at the end of the film.)

Swaine today offers its Bond Attaché briefcase to all its Clients. It is a must-have for collectors of James Bond memorabilia and 007 gadgets. The current case has no pockets in the lid, so is an open box inside. Therefore, any modifications and requests are most encouraged. Most Clients ask for a pocket here, a strap there. But of course, Swaine can accommodate more unusual requests from agents in the field. Often, just a small twist on a classic design can turn an attaché case into a real talking point.

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