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Article: Tom O'Dell On Swaine

Tom O'Dell On Swaine

Tom O’Dell of Tom O’Dell Studios is a creative director, menswear stylist and brand consultant. We recently had a conversation in regards to our share appreciation for handcrafted heritage products. As such, we wanted to hear his thoughts on some of Swaine’s icons and on passing down heritage pieces. Here’s a moment captured from that conversation.

What are your travel essentials for the Oxford weekend holdall bag? 

For a weekend away I pretty much always pack the same items. To wear, it would be a pleated trouser, casual blazer, white tee, cashmere jumper, a pair of loafers and a nice vintage watch. I also pop in my running kit, as it’s a nice way to see a city.  Some skincare essentials are a must, also a small notepad, a pencil, watercolours and a little brush.  I also pop in a film camera and a good book.

How do you style your outfit with the Maple umbrella in Jaguar Green?

The maple umbrella is a thing of beauty. Not only is it a wonderfully made item with a great history but is great at its job for keeping off the rain. This allows you to wear whatever you want, in the knowledge that you will be dry. 

I’ve teamed this with a belted overcoat, grey double-breasted vintage suit, baby blue button down, loafers and a vintage tie I picked up in Rome about 5 years ago. 

What is the best way to wear a traditional men’s fedora today?

In a time where dressing up/smart has become less regular, I always think it’s lovely to sport a slightly formal look if given the chance. This is where a fedora can come into play, a nod to a period way of dressing and a lovely accessory to finish off a smarter look. 

Tom Odell on Swaine

What makes Swaine stand out as a brand for you?

The history and passion behind the brand. Not only does the brand have over 100 years of knowledge and history at making items, but Swaine are also keen to keep improving and looking at new ways to create beautiful products from what has gone before, by introducing modern colour ways, styles and items that are practical for the modern man and woman.

Tom O'Dell on Swaine

What does British heritage mean to you?

We are a unique country with a huge amount of history and personality. There are so many wonderful things that have been created in this country and this includes some of the finest leather goods. To me heritage is drawing on the past but looking forward; this is something Swaine does well. The products are made the same way they were 100 years ago , meaning you will have an item that will last a lifetime.

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