Where are the products made?

All our products are hand crafted within the UK by specialist trained and skilled craftsmen. It can take up to 5 years for a leather craftsman to be highly trained to make our leather products from start to finish. We are always seeking to train new talent and to keep the heritage of the brand alive to ensure the skills do not die out throughout the UK.

How long will my product take to handcraft?

Hats will take between 8-16 weeks (inquire for current lead time)/

Umbrellas will take approximately 20 weeks.

Leather goods will take between 8-10 weeks.

Repairs for leather goods will take between 6-8 weeks.

The reasoning behind our production times is due to all products being individually hand crafted using traditional methods. However we do have some products in stock so if you do require something urgently please email enquiries@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk to see if we can help.

How long will it take for the delivery of my order?

Once the product has been made, UK delivery is sent on a next working day delivery service and international shipping will take between 5-10 working days. However, if you would like to check where your order is in the delivery process, all of our orders have tracking numbers and can be tracked online via the DHL website. 

How much does delivery cost?

Shipping is automatically generated by DHL which can be seen when you carry out the order and add an item to your shopping basket. This is dependent on the weight of the product and the country shipping is required to.

*Disclaimer: Some of the weights may appear different due to the packing of the product for international transportation. 

Where can you deliver my order?

We are pleased to provide a worldwide delivery service. The courier we use is DHL.

What size should I purchase?

For hats simply place the string or tape around your head above your ear and across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Measure your head exactly where you want the hat to sit. Measure in centimetres. If your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest half centimetre. It may help to either do this in the mirror or have a friend to help for accuracy.

For umbrellas, we find that if your height is under 6 foot, then we recommend a 25”/26” umbrella. For over 6 foot we recommend 27” umbrella.

How do I care for my product?

Hat – Store your hat somewhere dry and out of the sun whilst placed brim side down or preferably in a hat box. Brush your hat counter clockwise to free any dust particles from the felt using a light clothes/hat brush. We advise against wearing your hat in heavy rain as this may cause the hat to shrink and lose its shape. If your hat does get wet then place brim down in a dry place to dry naturally. Do not place on a radiator or force dry. For stains try brushing when dry or seek professional advice. Never use soap on your hat. We at Herbert Johnson offer re-blocking and re-trimming services to help you keep your hats looking tip top for years to come.

We ask that you pick up your hat by the brim and not the crown, as this wears the crown fabric down and can create holes. Once holes are formed in hats we cannot repair these.  

Brigg Umbrella – With every umbrella purchased you will receive a ‘caring for your product’ tag. However, should the cover become dirty, sponge with tepid water mixed with a very mild detergent. Never attempt to clean with a spirit, or cleaning fluid, as this will damage the proofing of the material. Please never shake the Brigg umbrella by ‘twirling’ it in a circular motion as this may damage the frame, along with never rolling your Brigg umbrella when the material is wet.

We understand that you may walk with your umbrella, however, we recommend that it is not used as a walking aid, the frame of the umbrella is damaged when doing so. We will not take responsibility of umbrellas damaged in this way.

Leather goods – We have a Swaine Adeney leather feed available for all our leather products and we recommend applying this to the leather using a soft cloth every three to four months of use. It is a good idea to have larger leather products serviced every 4-5 years. Within this service we can clean the product of all dirt which could potentially perish the leather, stain as close to the original colour and also thoroughly feed the leather to keep it subtle and prevent cracking.

Can I get a custom design?

Yes, all of our products are individually handcrafted so we can create bespoke features to suit your needs. If you would like to custom any of our products, please feel free to email us at enquiries@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk and we will be able to provide you with a quote. However, please understand that due to the item being bespoke it may take longer to be handcrafted.

We also offer an embossing service for all our leather products and engraving on the collars on our umbrellas – this could be a great idea for gifts as it really gives that personalised touch! 

What is the Swaine Adeney Brigg repair policy?

If the item is in need of repair after purchase and is deemed faulty by our repair specialist then the repair will be carried our free of charge, however, if the item is not faulty but has been damaged the repair will be quoted for and need to be paid by the customer.

We offer a repair service on all of our products, the procedure for doing this is that the item can be brought into or sent to our London store address, 7 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH, we will then be able to quote all the work which is required, and with the go-ahead from the customer we will then carry out the repair. Once the go-ahead is confirmed, we request a 50% deposit of the final quote. 

If you are sending the product from overseas please be sure to note to the delivery company it is a repair, other wise the product may be delayed at customs due to commercial import tax.

We quote 6-8 weeks for repairs for leather goods.

What is your returns policy?

If you place an order and have any bespoke options, then we are unfortunately not able to receive your returned product as these cannot be resold. 

Gift Vouchers? 

We currently provide six gift voucher options of £10, £25, £50, £100, £500 and £1,000. However, if you require a different amount you are able to add more than one to your cart.