Swaine's pieces are of the finest quality and made using only the best materials, with time-tested traditional methods, and finished by hand in England. From beloved canes, leather goods, walking sticks and umbrellas to headwear for all sorts of occasions, Swaine's world-renowned aftercare and restoration service is always on hand and ready to serve. 

Passion perfected, it is with master craftsmen and their superior knowledge that the oldest name in luxury goods can offer full restorations and repairs of any piece—from the company or otherwise—to clients both old and new. Founded in London in the 18th century, Swaine can now proudly present a collection of piece histories handpicked from its archives and longstanding clients for the first time.

Luxuries Handmade to Last, is an anthology of client stories illustrated by examples of all sorts of luxury goods. Updated regularly, it is curated and written by Mr. Jos. P. Martin.

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Leather Repair example by Swaine Adeney Brigg





Swaine maintains that its priority is to uphold the enduring character of its leather goods, and use may continue for many years after its service.Whilst the aspiration of restoring one’s item to appear like-new after the fact is commendable, the patina that tells the tales of its travels shall remain the same.

All leather products come with Swaine leather feed, the application of which should be once a month, preventing the leather from becoming dry and maintaining waterproofing.If the leather should become too dry, there is a risk of it cracking, and from there, a higher risk of it tearing.

Therefore Swaine recommends that all leather goods be cleaned, fed, stained, and polished during service in the Cambridge workshop.The perfected process by its master craftsmen of heating the leather beforehand is essential for the longevity of one’s investment.

Swaine will colour match leather with 99% accuracy if replacement leather is required.Regarding fittings, Swaine will replace in-kind or with approved recommendations.Natural differences in replaced leather may occur due to the age of the leather in question.


Please enquire in-store and online for all aftercare and restoration services, referencing 'Swaine Aftercare', via e-mail: enquiries@swaine.group.





Should one's umbrella not be a Brigg Umbrella, fret not; Brigg's unwavering love for both the manufacture and maintenance of rain shields and sunshades is ready to accommodate.Brigg welcomes enquiries from cane and walking stick users.Should original replacement fittings not be on hand, due to a piece's age or rarity, for example, Brigg shall consult and offer a suitable substitute for approval before the commencement of any restorative work.

Though Brigg's history in umbrella manufacture stretches back to the early 1830s, the repair of automatic umbrellas is in its infancy, and therefore Brigg is unable to repair automatic or collapsible umbrellas.Should a Brigg Umbrella not match the frame sizes of today, Brigg shall consult and offer a new frame and canopy for approval.One should enquire with an open mind regarding such rare items.


Please enquire in-store and online for all aftercare and restoration services, referencing 'Brigg Aftercare', via e-mail: enquiries@swaine.group.





The historic hatter Herbert Johnson exercises the utmost care in processing all sorts of headwear.Whether cleaning, blocking, or repairing, each is as unique as its maker and undergoes an in-depth assessment.

In some instances, materials such as hat felts, headbands, leathers, and suedes, display inherent weakness—be it through age, excessive use or mistreatment—that is not readily apparent.  Should this be the case, Herbert Johnson shall consult and outline concerns and options for approval before the commencement of any restorative work.One should be open-minded to the possibility that wear and age can affect the suitability of a hat and its components for repair.

Herbert Johnson will offer terms and conditions for all repairs carried out, and if there is a risk of further damage during the repair, one will be consulted.In the rarest of situations, should a piece or component perish during repair, where appropriate, Herbert Johnson shall endeavour to replace like-for-like. Alternatively, the hatters reserve the right to halt repair and return the item.

Please enquire in-store and online for all aftercare and restoration services, referencing 'Herbert Johnson Aftercare', via e-mail: enquiries@swaine.group.