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Umbrella Collection

Brigg & Co. have been royal umbrella makers since the company’s founding
in the 19th century and remain the most decorated umbrella manufacturer
in the UK.

Brigg umbrellas are uniquely handcrafted at our workshops in Cambridge. The handle is formed from a solid piece of precious wood; gently steam curved, and finished with our signature gold plated or sterling silver collar.
In addition to our classic Brigg umbrellas we now offer a range of collapsible umbrellas: where durable design meets modern practicality.

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Stripped Cherry Umbrella for WomenStripped Cherry Umbrella for Women
Stripped Cherry Umbrella for MenStripped Cherry Umbrella for Men
Singin' in the Rain Whangee UmbrellaSingin' in the Rain Whangee Umbrella for Women
Singin' in the Rain Whangee Umbrella MenSingin' in the Rain Whangee Umbrella for Men
Oak Umbrella for womenOak Umbrella for women red
Oak Umbrella for MenOak Umbrella for Men
Oak Umbrella for Men Sale price£520
Brigg Maple Umbrellaumbrella walking stick
Maple Umbrella for MenUmbrella for Men
Kingsman Polished Chestnut Umbrella for menKingsman Polished Chestnut Umbrella for men
Hickory Umbrella for WomenHickory Umbrella for Women
Hickory Umbrella for MenHickory Umbrella for Men
Collapsible Umbrella with Whangee HandleJapanese Bamboo (Whangee) handle
Collapsible Umbrella with Braided Leather HandleCollapsible Umbrella with Braided Leather Handle
Whangee Collapsible UmbrellaCollapsible Umbrella Whangee Handle Monogram Print
Collapsible Umbrella Braided Handle Monogram PrintCollapsible Umbrella Braided Handle Monogram Print