Chapter 4.








ALL that remained beyond the contents of a once little girl’s Papworth travel case was her beloved teddy bear and the marbles given to her by her father before he left for the War.

As she had parted all that she knew on the train out of London, along with thousands of other displaced children, the little girl wouldn’t know that soon on one fateful night, all that she knew of her home and her mother would be gone. All her worldly possessions were now safely in her Papworth.

Such profound moments in life seemingly imprint themselves on such items, and though she grew, married and had children of her own, her small Papworth was never far from her. It only ever left her side once when sent for restoration by Swaine Adeney.

It contained a small note; A concise explanation of her as an evacuee, of her case that dutifully once held and protected her ‘simple treasures’, and that it was time to pass it onto her Granddaughter, who was soon off to boarding school. Upon collecting the case and recounting her story, she thanked the Shop Clerk and memorably said;

“My thanks, as always, to the soldiers of Papworth.”


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