Temple Poet - Sable Rabbit



The original Herbert Johnson Indiana Jones Poet as worn by Harrison Ford in the second instalment of Spielberg's epic Indiana Jones film franchise. As seen in the film 'Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom', still made by Herbert Johnson today.

Made from our Sable fine rabbit fur felt with a dark brown ribbon as seen on screen. The Temple model has a more paired down dimensional brim and softer bash when compared to the Raiders style making it an all round highly wearable favourite for Indy fans and hat fanatics alike.

Reminiscent of the 1930's style, these timeless classics are completely handcrafted to order for each customer by the highly skilled hatters at Herbert Johnson.


    • Felt: Sable pure rabbit fur felt
    • Brim: Screen Accurate
    • Ribbon: 1½ inch dark brown screen accurate vintage galloon ribbon-band.

    • Interior: Branded liner & soft leather sweatband.
    • Bash: Hand shaped Temple style
    • See notes under the 'Ordering this Product' tab section for more details


      Please note that these Poet hats are created on straight sided graduated blocks scaled up and down proportionally from an average open crown height of 5 1/2 inches at a size 59cm. This ensures that no matter what size you order, the proportions of the hat remain in balance.

      Our Temple style has been recreated to emulate the original hats condition as they were created by us and as they appear at the beginning of filming.  We choose only to provide top quality headwear items to our clients employing highly skilled hatting techniques and top quality materials for built in longevity.  This is why we have not chosen to emulate the appearance of some of the hats used in the later stages of filming where they show marked shrinkage, taper and wear. 

      Made with the men's left sided bow as standard as in this display option, please specify if you would prefer it on the women's side on the right.



      Creating the hat of a hero

      Before hatmakers Herbert Johnson joined the Swaine Adeney Brigg group, it was situated at 13 Old Burlington Street in London. In 1980 two American gentlemen came into the shop and introduced themselves as Mr Steven Spielberg and Mr Harrison Ford.

      Mr. Spielberg announced that he was on the brink of making an adventure film with Harrison Ford as the central figure (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and revealed that the main character Indiana Jones would be wearing a hat which would be pivotal to the character and the plot. Herbert Johnson was delighted at having been chosen to help design what was to become the famous iconic Indy hat.

      It was our tall stovepipe classic poet style that was chosen as the foundation for what was to become the iconic raiders hat. The Poet is a wide brim fur felt hat with a tall straight sided crown, made by Herbert Johnson since the 1890’s and has always been deemed ageless. A shade of brown rabbit fur felt called ‘sable’ was chosen and some modifications were made to the poet hat to create its character & to facilitate filming.

      The Indy hat was made distinctive by reducing the brim width only on the sides creating a dimensional brim. By shaping the brim into an ovoid, it gave protection to the eyes & neck whilst reducing the sides helped with camera angles. The explorer look was enhanced by snapping the front brim down and we altered the original ribbon from 50mm to 39mm to make the tall crown appear even taller.

      The re-worked and subtly modified Herbert Johnson Poet hat gave Mr Spielberg the look he had envisioned for Harrison Ford's character of Indiana Jones and the 'Indy' hat was born.

      Apart from the original Indiana Jones hat for Harrison Ford, we made a further 45 'Indy' hats of assorted sizes, some for Mr. Ford and the remainder for the film stunt actors on the set of Raiders of The Lost Ark. We were also commissioned to provide all the hats for the following 2 sequels.

      The tremendous success of the Indiana Jones films have secured their place in popular culture forever and just like our original poet, the hero Indy Poet is ageless and enjoys an enduring popularity to this day.


      Ordering This Product

      This product is handcrafted to order by our specialist hatting team at Herbert Johnson. Please email enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk to check our current lead time for this product.


      Place the string or tape around your head above your ear and across the mid forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Measure your head exactly where you want the hat to sit. Measure in centimetres. If your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest centimetre. It may help to either do this in the mirror or have someone to help for accuracy.

      Bespoke Options:

      If the Customer wishes to order something which varies from the standard options provided in the product listing (such as this model in a different colour or with the addition of some custom ribbon-work etc.), their order will need to be placed as a ‘Bespoke’ order. Please follow the link for more information about our Bespoke Range. Please contact us for more information and enquiries via workshop@herbert-johnson.co.uk.


      NB – If the Customer wishes to add custom embossing to their order, please select this option on the product listing and add your text as you would wish it to appear.  Please note that we offer embossing currently in silver as standard and with a choice of position on the sweatband.  Please choose a maximum of 4 upper case letters at £10 per letter.  You can also include up to 3 dots and 1 dash in addition at no extra charge.  Should you wish to enquire about any other format of embossing including a preference for gold embossing or blind embossing instead, please contact enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk.  Please note that any custom changes made to our products that differ from our standard listing, including custom embossing, will mean that this item will not be eligible for return or refund under normal circumstances.  Please refer to our Returns Policy for more details.

      Our Materials:

      All our hats are completely bespoke & handcrafted to order from only the finest sustainably sourced materials here at Herbert Johnson. We work closely with our fur felt hood suppliers in Portugal, choosing only the highest quality fur felt which is ordered to our exacting specifications.

      All our felts are preshrunk during the blocking stage to avoid later shrinking as much as possible. Our rabbit is pounced to a smooth finish and a coating of protector is applied to prolong its resistence to the elements. Whilst not as dense as our beaver fur felts, our rabbit makes a very fine quality fur felt hat.

      Our true grosgrain Indy ribbon is screen accurate to the original film hats, still produced to the same specifications for us by the same company using the very same machines.

      A note on Lead Times for our Handcrafted Hats.

      • Lead times are variable depending on our current volume of new orders being received.
      • Please note that our handcrafters fulfil orders on a first come first served basis.
      • When new orders are received at our Hatting Workshop, they are entered into our making schedule in the next available position in the queue.
      • Once your order reaches the front of the queue, it will take approximately 10 days to be handcrafted to order by our specialist hatting team at Herbert Johnson.
      • The wait time for our handcrafted hats is normally between 2-8 weeks but please be aware that this can be subject to change.
      • The wait time for our handcrafted custom bespoke orders may be longer depending on what materials & supplies may need to be especially ordered in to fulfil the order.
      • If you would like to enquire about the current expected lead time for your order, please contact the hatting workshop directly via enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk
      • If you are hoping to order your hat for a particular event, please ensure you make your order in plenty of time prior to your deadline. Please inform our hatting workshop if your order is time sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate you.

      Postage & Packaging:

      • Our hats are carefully packaged in cardboard postal boxes for dispatch internationally.
      • We ship worldwide.
      • We calculate delivery costs based on the weight of each product and country to which the item is to be posted.
      • Postage costs may be included in the purchase price for some items.

      Hat Care:

      Store your hat somewhere dry placed brim down or preferably in a hat box. We recommend using a soft bristled hat or clothes brush to care for your hat. Brush your hat counter clockwise to free any particles from the felt. Whilst we preshrink all our hats, under extreme moisture conditions the felt may still be vulnerable to shrinkage or losing its shape if not properly cared for. We advise against force drying your hat and it is best to allow it to dry naturally brim side down.

      Due to the exclusive nature of our products we do not stock large quantities. If making to order this product will take between 4-8 weeks to be handcrafted by our specialist leatherwork team.

      If the product is in stock delivery time from date of dispatch is dependent on location; typically 2-4 working days for UK orders and 3-5 working days for overseas orders (depending on customs clearance and location).

      If you'd like to confirm stock of an item before ordering please email enquires@swaine.group.

      Delivery costs are calculated on the weight of each product and country. We are pleased to provide a worldwide delivery service with DHL.

      All prices shown on our website are with UK VAT.

      If you are ordering from outside of the UK please expect your local customs office to charge Duty and Tax at the applicable rate for your country.

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