Bond Attaché


Swaine made the original attaché for 007, as played by Sean Connery in the on screen adaptation of Ian Fleming's 'From Russia with Love.'


As British as James Bond. Magnetism with film star looks. Swaine is famous for making bespoke luggage for Aston Martin owners. Quartermaster issued 007 with a range of explosive spy gadgetry. One of Bond's most memorable weapons was the black leather briefcase issued to him in "From Russia with Love".

Swaine Adeney Brigg made this case. Within its distinctive red skiver lining, the attaché hid 20 rounds of ammunition and gold coins, plus the flat throwing knives used to dispatch villain Red Grant aboard the Orient Express. The case also usefully hid a 0.25 calibre AR7 folding rifle with infrared sight. (Used by Bond to shoot down the SPECTRE helicopter pilot who was dropping grenades on him at the end of the film.)

The case has no pockets in the lid, so is an open box inside. Swaine shall supply you with an exact replica of James Bond's case that we made for the Bond movie; any modifications you choose to make are down to one's own imagination.

Most clients ask for a pocket here, a strap there. But Swaine can, of course, accommodate more unusual requests from agents in the field. Often, just a small twist on a classic design can turn an attaché case into a real talking point.

Did you know?

  • From Russia with Love (1963) is the second of the James Bond movies. It was the second Bond movie to star Sean Connery as Ian Fleming's fictional MI6 agent, from Fleming's 1957 novel of the same name.
  • On board The Orient Express, James Bond offers to buy the villain Red Grant's last cigarette for 50 gold sovereigns, thus luring Grant to open his Swaine Adeney attaché case, which releases tear gas. In the ensuing struggle, Bond stabs Grant with the flat throwing knife hidden in the attaché case, and then strangles Grant with his own garrotte.
  • An attaché case is a box-style case made of leather (occasionally aluminium), stretched over a hinged frame that opens into two compartments. It was traditionally carried by an attaché, a diplomatic officer attached to an embassy or consulate official.
  • Swaine Adeney Brigg launched its new Spring Collection 2009 on board The Orient Express and nobody was stabbed or garrotted!

Details and Features

  • Hand-finished black English bridle leather, tanned with natural plant extracts; an environmentally-conscious leather with a superior depth and richness that improves with maturity.
  • Dramatic red Skiver leather interior.
  • Dimensions:
    Two sizes available:   
    3.5":  18 x 13 x 3.5" (46 x 33 x 9cm)
    4.5": 18 x 13 x 4.5"(46 x 33 x 11.5cm)

Detail is everything. Time is never measured. 

Options and customisation

  • Standard size is 3.5”.  4.5” also available, please add £550.
  • Comes lined in dramatic red Skiver leather exactly like the 007 version.
    Green or blue Skiver leather can be selected as a bespoke option.
    Alternatively specify self-lining in the same bridle leather as the exterior, please add £500.  
  • Choose nickel hardware instead of brass, please add £175.  

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