Thomas Brigg

Bark Ash



The Ash is integrally tied to strength and longevity, and Brigg’s Bark Ash honours its use of this tree by showcasing its distinctive natural bark handle. The shaft is stripped back to reveal its unique silver toned wood which is adorned with striking grain patterns that are forever unique to each piece. The gentleman knows that with his Brigg by his side, he will forever be in good hands. 

The Bark Ash Umbrella is from our Thomas Brigg Range and is able to be used as a walking stick. It is complemented by either a plated gold or sterling silver collar, nylon or hand woven silk canopy, and a 25`, 26 '' or 27" rib frame of high tensile strength.


  • Available with Plated Gold Collar (PGC) or Silver Collar (SC).
  • Canopy available in silk or nylon.
  • Available in 25", 26" or 27" canopy size.
  • Walking lengths follow as 36", 37", 38"
  • Collar can be engraved at the cost of £25.00 per initial.

Ordering This Product 

This handcrafted product will take between 6-8 weeks to be made by our specialist craftsmen, however please do email and we can check our stock for you.

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